Cornish Rex Kitten Cat Breeder Donna Kimber

An Introduction:

Cornish Rex breeders strive to produce cats that have soft, wavy, rippled coats which lack guard hairs, and therefore they don't shed like other cats. This means that the Cornish Rex breed, sometimes called the 'poodle cat,' require very little grooming, and they don't deposit hair all over the house. This also means that this breed of cat is one to consider if you are a allergy sufferer. Even tempered and very affectionate, the Cornish Rex breed is also appealing because of their extremely quiet voices.

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The discovery of the Cornish Rex mutant gene in farm cats from Cornwell, England in the early 1950's was undoubtedly the most exciting event in the cat world this century. In a relatively short span of time, the breed has gone from strength to strength with the Cornish Rex breeders making the presence of the breed felt on the show bench.The Cornish Rex breed is taking its fair share of Best in Show awards, and are literally forcing the Cat Fancy to 'sit up and take notice'!

Once seen, never forgotten. The Cornish Rex cat is delightful, distinctively different, constantly charming and captivating. Cornish Rexes need people, and given a choice will spend most of their time with humans. When they are free to choose their own sleeping quarters, their first choice is the owners bed. This is partly due to their desire for warmth.

Today's lifestyle suits the Cornish Rex to a "T" and is likely to increase its popularity. With life being "on the go" for so many people, a low-maintenance pet fits neatly into the picture. With the Cornish Rex lack of guard hairs there is virtually no shedding problem, and their superb constitutions mean sound health. They aren't shy about demanding attention, but they don't pine away when no one's around. They love to travel with the family, but are just as happy to be at home. In short, all the best qualities of a family pet are found in the Cornish Rex.

It is hard to find words to do justice to all their fine qualities, but whether as a show cat or just as a pet, no-one could be immuned to their magnificent coat. The Cornish Rex is truly one of nature's miracles!

Firefly Studios Cornish Rex Singing
My holiday greeting card.

I received so many favorable comments on this card I thought
I'd post it here for all to see.

It was a lot of fun to create, and involved several hours of retouching
to achieve the final artwork.

Photo ©2004 Blake J. Discher
Use without permission prohibited.

Cornish Rex Kittens
What a joy!

Here are three tiny cornish rex kittens. It was a struggle getting them to pose nicely for this photo. You'll note the one in the front kept looking off to the left!

At this age they are very alert and notice everything around them. The camera I use has a very short shutter delay, so when I press the button, it takes the photo immediately, a real benefit when trying to photograph these little darlings.